2019, Volume 16, Issue 1


Petrosyan, A. Ye.
Towards the Reconstruction of the Name and Image of a Great God in the Ancient Armenian Tradition

Dirbas H.
Onomastics and the Reconstruction of the Past: Rethinking Totemism in Semitic Traditions

Zaika, N. M.
Distribution of Locative Surnames in the South-West of France

Feoktistova, L. A.
Revisiting the Paronymic Attraction to a Personal Name: The Name Elena in Russian Dialects

Shvarev, N. M.
Russian Names with the Stem Maur-, Testimonies of the Old Rostov Land

Rácz A., Tóth V.
Settlement Names Derived from Ethnonyms as Historical Evidence: The Case of Medieval Hungary

Ivšić Majić D.
The Medieval Attestations of Croatian Pre-Slavic Island Names

Khisamitdinova, F. G., Muratova, R. T., Yagafarova, G. N., Valieva, M. R.
Color Terms in Bashkir Toponymy

Kostylev, Yu. S.
The Soviet-Period Toponymy of Severnaya Zemlya as a Reflection of Ideological Struggle

Akhmetova, M. V.
On the Revival of One Ancient Russian Katoikonym: Staraya Russa

Oinotkinova, N. R.
On the Origin of Some Theonyms of the Shaman Pantheon of the Altaians


Kaksin, A. D.
Toponymic System as a Resource to Explore the Ancient History of a Region: the Case of Khakassia

Book Reviews

Holzer, G.
Slavic Substrate in the Onomastics of Saxony. Review of the book: Wenzel, W. (2017). Die slawische Frühgeschichte Sachsens im Licht der Namen / Hrsg. von A. Brendler, & S. Brendler. Hamburg: Baar. 205 p.

In Memoriam

Valentová, I., Kopach, A. I.
Milan Majtán (1934–2018)

Vasilyeva, N. V.
Theodolius Witkowski (1930–2018)


Ruf Aleksandrovna Ageeva