2017, Volume 14, Issue 3


Kabinina, N. V.
The Mystery of the River Name Mezen’

Dana D.
Sur quelques noms daces de Tyras et d’Olbia du Pont

Vlahova-Angelova, M.
Current Trends in Name Giving among Bulgarians: A Study of the Names of Newborns in the Sofia Region

Khaziyeva-Demirbash, G. S.
Healing-Protective Personal Names in Traditional Tatar Culture

Norman, B. Yu., Plotnikova, A. M.
Eponymous Adjectives in the Russian Language: Corpus-Based Approach to Studying one Word-Formation Type

Anthroponymic systems in Finno-Ugric languages

Ainiala, T.
On a New Project in the Study of Anthroponymic Systems in Finnic Languages

Kuzmin, D. V.
Karelian Female Names

Pustyakov, A. L.
Adaptation of Russian Christian Names into the Mari Language

Saarikivi, J.
On Pre-Christian Finnic Personal Names in the Toponymy of the Russian North


Golomidova, M. V.
Modern Urban Naming Practices: Strategic Approaches and Practical Solutions


Breeze A.
“Good Friend” and the Goodwin Sands, Kent

Book reviews

Vasilyeva, N. V.
Cognitive Onomastics: A Look from Europe. Review of the book: Brendler, S. (Ed.). (2016). Cognitive Onomastics: A Reader. Hamburg: Baar.

Smirnov, O. V.
“A Time to Gather Stones…”: On the Birth of a New Science. Review of the book: Napolskikh, V. V. (2015). Ocherki po etnicheskoi istorii [An Outline of Ethnic History]. Kazan: Kazanskaia nedvizhimost’.

Romanova, T. P.
An All-Slavic Dictionary of Folk Zoonymy. Review of the book: Warchoł, S. (2007–2016). Słownik etymologiczno-motywacyjny słowianskiej zoonimii ludowej [The Etymological and Motivational Dictionary of Slavic Folk Zoonyms] (Vols. 1–5). Lublin: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej.

Academic curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Tomasik, S.
20th Slovak Onomastic Conference “Convergence and Divergence in the Sphere of Proper Names”

New Dissertations in Onomastics (2016–2017)