2019, Volume 16, Issue 4


Vasilyev, V. L.
Revisiting Great Rivers’ Names: Volga, Zapadnaya Dvina, Dnieper

Prósper, B. M.
Language Change at the Crossroads: What Celtic, What Venetic, and What Else in the Personal Names of Emona?

Baiburin, A. K.
Element Sequence in the Name Formula in Russian Tradition

Feoktistova, L. A.
“Tricky Dmitry”: Linguistic and Cultural Connotations of one Russian Personal Name

Belova, O. V.
Ushestie and Avdotki in the Context of the Smolensk Urban Narrative and Traditional Rite

Kovács, É.
Toponymic Findings in Latin-language Medieval Hungarian Charters: Classification, Structural and Motivational Features

Zots, I. V., Suleimanova, O. A.
Problem Areas of Modern Urban Planning in Global Space: Romanization of Russian Urbanonyms

Lipatova, A. P.
Cognitive Strategies of Self-naming Among Schoolchildren (Gender Aspect)

Vepreva, I. T.
Modern Russian Ergonymy: in Search for New Forms

Fomin, A. A.
The Mysterious Arventur: Poetonym as a Key Word of a Literary Work


Sunduyeva, E. V.
Phytotoponyms of the Barguts of the South-East of China


Kabinina, N. V.
Substrate Toponymy of the Arkhangelsk Pomorye (Materials for an Etymological Dictionary)

Book Reviews

Vasilyeva, N. V.
Literary Onomastics: Traditional and New. Review of the book: Kohlheim, V. (2019). Der Name in der Literatur. Heidelberg: Winter. 371 S.

Gein, K. A.
Toponymy in Focus. Review of the book: Barandeev, A. V. (Ed.). (2018). Voprosy geografii. Sb. 146. Aktualnye problemy toponimiki [Problems of Geography. 146. Topical Issues in Toponomastics]. Moscow: Codex. 312 p.

Academic Curriculum


New dissertations in onomastics (2018–2019)

In Memoriam

Stefan Warchoł (1930–2019)