2008 №2 (6)


Vasilyev V. L. Notes on the Archaic Slavonic Toponymy of the Novgorod Land (Psizha, Plyussa, Pliska, Pskova and others)

Shaposhnikov A. K. The Oldest Proper Names of the Crimean Peninsula. European Part of the Cimmerian Bosporus

Sirotkina T. A. Ethnonyms as Speech Markers of the Category of Ethnicity (with Reference to the Ethnonymy of Perm Region)

Finno-Ugric Heritage in Russian Toponymy

Kuzmin D. V. Toponymic Evidence of the White Sea Karelia Colonization by the Western Finnish Population

Mullonen I. I. The Riddle of Vyg

Zakharova E. V. Baltic and Finnish Substrate in the Toponymy of Kolodozerye

Kabinina N. V. Onomatopoetic Words in Substrate Toponymy of the Arkhangelsk Pomorye

Ambrosiani P. Parallel Names in Baltic-Finnish and Russian Oikonymy of Ingermanland


Kartavenko V. V. The Old Verzhavsk: on the Name's Etymology

Suproun V. I. Pushkin's Autographonym


Makhracheva T. V. Materials for a Dictionary of Chrononyms of Tambov Region. II. Л-Я

Onomatologists' Forum

Matveyev A. K. Evolutionary Processes in Onomastics

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

23rd International Congress on Onomastics (O. T. Molchanova)

The First Crimean Conference "Proper Names in Russian and World Literature" (А. А. Fomin)

Onomastic Agenda at the Russian National Conference "Word and Text in the Cultural Context of an Epoch" (М. E. Ruth)

Onomastic Agenda at the 12th International Simposium "Dialects and History of Perm Languages in their Interaction with Other Languages" (Т. N. Dmitriyeva)

8th International Conference "Slavic Appelative and Proprial Homonyms in Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective" (М. Oleynik)

Short Reports


Labunets N. V. Russian Geographical Terminology in a Language Contact Situation (L. V. Kurkina)

Name: A Semantic Aura (М. V. Golomidova)

Mladenova D. A Star-Studded Sky above Us: an Ethnolinguistic Study of Balkan Popular Astronymy (М. E. Ruth)


Onomastics in Austria (F. Sh. Pashayeva)

New Books

New Theses on Onomastics


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