2018, Volume 15, Issue 3


Romanova, E. E., Spiridonov, D. V.
Syntactic Features of Proper Names: The Generativist Approach(es) to Properhood

Golomidova, M. V.
Toponymic Policy in Naming City Facilities: Theoretical and Applied Issues

Loma, A.
Die Donau(en) des Slavischen Volksliedes und die Frühen Kenntnisse Der Slaven über den Donauraum

Dzitstsoity, Yu. A.
On Criss-crossing Isoglosses in the Vocabulary and Toponymy of South Ossetia

Prósper B. M.
The Venetic Names of Roman Siscia

Girfanova, A. H., Sukhachev, N. L.
Berat, Former Beligrad (Etymological Identity or Heterogeneous Place Names?)

Toporova, T. V.
Speaking Names in the Eddic Skírnismál

Makarova, A. A.
Personal Names of the Finnic Population in the Toponymy of North-Western Belozerye

Tishin, V. V.
Personal Names of the Yenisei Qïrqïz of the 9th Century A.D. (Based on Chinese Sources and Old Turkic Runic Writing Monuments of the Yenisei River Basin)

Gałkowski A.
L’onymie sportive et la zone de transition entre les noms propres et les noms communs dans le langage du sport


Breeze, A.
Welsh Dawn ‘Gift’ and Doncaster, Yorkshire

Kachalkova, Yu. A.
Lexicographic Problems of Urbanonymy: Names of Topographic Objects in Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk


Verkhovykh, L. N.
Microtoponymy of the Village of Abramovka, Talovsky District, Voronezh Region

Book Reviews

Prósper, B. M.
Celtic Theonymy at the 14th F.E.R.C.AN. Workshops

Koroleva, I. A.
Toponymy of Kalmykia in Historical, Geographical and Linguistic Perspectives

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Neflyasheva, I. A.
11th International Conference Problems of General and Regional Onomastics

Bugheșiu, A., Goryaev, S.
4th International Conference on Onomastics Name and Naming (ICONN 4)


New dissertations in onomastics (2017–2018)