2023, Volume 20, Issue 2


García Alonso, J. L.
Mount Parnassos and the Labyrinth: From Korinthos to Knossos, from Zakynthos to Halicarnassus

Vasilyev, V. L.
New Look on the Toponyms Valdai and Gora-Valdai

Kuzmin, D. V.
Man and His Name in Oikonymy and Microtoponymy of South Karelia

Ordinas Garau, A., Ordinas Ribas, X.
Geography and Onomastics: Geographical Terminology in the Oronymy of the Balearic Islands

Makarova, A. A.
Names of Pogosts and the Origins of the Term Pogost in the Oikonymy of the Russian North: Chronology and Evolution

Golomidova, M. V., Dmitrieva, A. V.
Reflection of Territorial Identity in the Toponymic Landscape of Small Ural Towns

Sebina, B., Otlogetswe, T. J.
Syllable Structure in Setswana Personal Names

Berezovich, E. L., Surikova, O. D.
Who is the East Slavic Karachun? (Word, Name, Character)

Popova, T. G.
New Testament Names in the Text of the Ladder of John Climacus

Lipatova, A. P.
Variation of Proper Names in Nikola Znamensky by Fyodor Reshetnikov

From the History of Surnames

Kabinina, N. V.
On the Origin of the Russian Surnames Bagryzlov, Badryzlov


Pavlina, S. Yu.
Onyms in Political Posters: Intersemiotic and Pragmatic Perspectives

Book Reviews

Kryukova, I. V.
Russian Urbanonymy in the Spatial and Temporal Dimensions. Review of the book: Razumov, R. V. (2022). Russkaia urbanonimiia: polevaia organizatsiia, modeli nominatsii, sotsiolingvisticheskie osobennosti funktsionirovaniia [Russian Urbanonymy: Field Organization, Naming Patterns, Sociolinguistic Peculiarities of Functioning]. Yaroslavl: Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University. 387 p.

Dancheva, N. G.
New Achievements in Bulgarian Onomastics. Review of the book: Choleva-Dimitrova, A. (2019). Mestni i rodovi imena ot Tsaribrodsko [Toponyms and Patronyms of Tsaribrod Municipality]. Blagoevgrad: Neofi t Rilski. 314 p.

Kirillova, L. Je.
A New Study on Karelian Toponymy. Review of: Afanasyeva, A. A. (2022). Toponimija Sjamozer’ja v areale karel’skogo dialektnogo pogranich’ja [Place Names of the Lake Syamozero in the Area of the Karelian Dialect Borderland] (Doctoral dissertation). Institute of Linguistics, Literature and History of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Saransk. 235 p.