2016, Volume 13, Issue 2


Reszegi, K.
The Acquisition of Place Names in Mother Tongue Learning: Some Observations on Children’s Spatial Cognition

Vasilyev, V. L.
Once Again on the Origin of the River Name Vyatka and the City Name Vyatka (Modern Kirov)

Sukhachev, N. L.
On the Etymology of the Place Name Brăíla

Kuzmin, D. V.
Christian Names of Karelians

Kyurshunova, I. A.
Swedish Documents of the Pre-National Period as a Source for the Study of the Russian Anthroponymy of Karelia

Khisamitdinova, F. G.
On the Reflection of Mythological Beliefs in the Anthroponymic System of Bashkirs (Based on Service records of the officers and clerks of the 9th Bashkir Canton as of 1837)

Agapkina, T. A.
Names of Demons in the South Slavic Versions of St Sisinnius’s Apocryphal Prayer

Petrosyan, A. Ye.
Armenians’ Self-Appellation Hay

Brief communications

Namitokova, R. Yu., Neflyasheva, I. A., Shishkhova, N. M.
On the History of the Name Ruslan

In a scholar’s study

From the History of One Unrealised Project. In Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Aleksandr Matveyev

Book reviews

Napolskikh, V. V.
A Breakthrough in the Study of the Merya Problem. Review of the book: Matveyev, A. K. (2015). Substratnaia toponimiia Russkogo Severa [Substrate Toponymy of the Russian North] (Vol. 4: Toponimiia merianskogo tipa [Merya-like Toponymy]). Ekaterinburg: Ural University Press

Goryaev, S. O., Spiridonov, D. S.
Results and Perspectives in the Study of Names: A Look from Oxford. Review of the book: Hough, C., & Izdebska, D. (Eds.). (2016). The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Academic curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Neflyasheva, I. A.
10th International Conference "Issues in General and Regional Onomastics"

A review

New dissertations in onomastics (2015–2016)

In memoriam

Aleksandr S. Gerd