2014 №2 (17)


Pustyakov, A. L.
On the Differentiation of Mari and Permic Place Names in the Vetluga-Vyatka Interfluve Area

Gordova, Yu. Yu.
Toponymic Stratigraphy of the Middle Oka Region: The Results of a Comparison of Substrate Toponymy Areas and Archaeological Culture Areas

Guseynov, G.-R. A.-K.
The Origin of the Name of the City of Derbent and the Toponymy of the Surrounding Area in the Context of Ethnolinguistic Situation in the Early Middle Ages

Gein, K. A.
On Some Problems of the Ideographic Description of Place Names

Shafranskaya, E. F.
Repercussions of a Metaphor of M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin

Khaziyeva-Demirbash, G. S.
On the Peculiarities of the Present-Day Functioning of Tatar Personal Names (With Reference to the Records of Kazan Registry Offices of 2002–2012)

Dobrova, G. R.
Personal Names in Children's Speech: The Process of Acquisition

Golomidova, M. V., Myasnikova, V. A.
Addressee’s Image in Names of Periodicals


Akhmetova, M. V.
Names of Children City Dwellers in the Contemporary Russian Language (According to Electronic Sources)

Academic curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Adzinova, A. A., Neflyasheva, I. A.
9th International Conference “Problems of General and Regional Onomastics”

Vrublevskaya, O. V.
14th International Conference “Onomastics of the Volga Region”

A review

Book Reviews

Spiridonov, D. V.
Aesthetic Onomastics, or Light Onomastics (Review of the book: Merkulova, N. V., Motashkova, S. V. Esteticheskaia onomastika v khudozhestvennom tekste i intertekste: osnovnye funktsii i problema perevoda (na materiale znakovykh proizvedenii frantsuzskoi literatury) [Aesthetic Onomastics in Literary Texts and Intertexts: Basic Functions and Problems of Translation (With Reference to Key Works of French Literature)])

Ruth, M. E.
A Laboratory of Onomastic Research (Review of the handbook: Otin, E. S. Sbornik uprazhnenii k spetskursu po onomastike [A Collection of Exercises in Onomastics])


New dissertations on onomastics (2013–2014)

In memoriam

Dorzhiyeva, G. S.
Anastasia Grigoryevna Mitroshkina

Petrikov A. V., Machulsky, E. N., Averyanov, K. A., Melnichuk, G. A.
Zoya Vasilyevna Rubtsova

List of main publications of Z. V . Rubtsova (née Suganova) (made by G. A. Melnichuk)