2014 №2 (17)

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Maria E. Ruth
Ural Federal University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

A Laboratory of Onomastic Research
Review of: Otin, E. S. (2013). Sbornik uprazhnenii k spetskursu po onomastike [A Collection of Exercises in Onomastics]. Donetsk: Iugo-Vostok.

Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics), 2014, Issue 2 (17), pp. 146–150 (in Russian)

Received 20 October 2014

Abstract: The review analyzes the recently published collection of exercises prepared by prof. E. S. Otin for his course on onomastics that he gives at the University of Donetsk. The extensive materials presented in the book are distributed into 191 exercises relevant to different areas of onomastics: the book invites students to discover the specificity of proper names from Russian Annals and the functional potential of contemporary proper names, to analyze the motivation of anthroponymic nicknames and to establish the reasons of the variability of foreign place names, to acquire the onomastic terminology, to propose their own names for commercial enterprises and to examine the ways of derivation from place names. Some shortcomings in formatting (lack of headings and references needed for the proper fulfillment of tasks, inaccuracies in formulation) do not detract from the book’s merits. The wealth of materials and the combination of scientific quality and student-oriented approach make it a valuable resource of educational information which already needs a second edition.

Key words: Russian language, onomastics, teaching onomastics at university


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