2011 №1 (10)


Vasilyev V. L.
Hydronyms Ending in -ga in the Reverse Hydronymy Dictionary of the Russian

Barandeyev A. V.
Linguistic and Cartographic Attribution of Moskovia and Tartaria Toponyms

Spiridonov D. V.
On the Ethnolinguistic Characteristics of the Proper Name Jacques in French Dialects

Varnikova E. N.
Zoonyms: a Place within the Onomastic Space

Fomin A. A.
On “Home Brand” and More: the Meaning-Making Potential of a Pragmonym in a Work of Fiction

Shelkova I. A.
Character Nicknames in A.G. Alexin’s Works


Dmitriyeva T. N.
The Khanty Wangr-Wasch-Jugan Toponym and Linguo-Ethnic Contacts in Kazim District

Solovyev A. N.
Urbanonymic Terms and Urbanonyms in V.I. Dahl’s Dictionary

Onomastics abroad

Buchi E., Wirth A.
From a Defined Description towards an Anthroponym: on the Possible Contribution of Historical Anthroponymy to the Modified Proper Name Theory


Akhmetova М. V.
Excerpts from a Dictionary of Nonofficial Toponyms

Onomatologists’ Forum

Namitokova R. Yu.
To Decline or not to Decline: That is the Question...

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, Congresses, Symposia

Spiridonov D. V., 15th International Council of Onomastic Sciences: “Do Proper Names Possess a Meaning? Proper Names in the Mediterranean Space”

Afeltowicz B., 17th All-Polish Onomastic Conference “Chrematonymy as a Modern-Day Phenomenon”

Razumov R. V., 12th International Conference “The Onomastics of Volga Region”

Goryaev S. O., 16th International Conference of the South African Onomastic Society “Homo Nominans, the Nominating Man”

Zubov N. I., Scientific Readings in Memory of Yuri A. Karpenko, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Dmitriyeva T. N., International Scientific Conference “Udmurt Ethnogenesis. Ethnos. Language. Culture. Religion”

Short reports


Molchanova O. T., review of Kazim River Basin Toponymy by T. N. Dmitriyeva

Myznikov S. A., review of The Dictionary of Oikonyms of the Lower Pechora Basin by G. I. Glebko

Hein K. A., review of The Ideographic Dictionary of Toponyms of Trans-Yenisei Siberia                    by S. P. Vasilyeva

Teusch O. A., review of The Dictionary of Voronezh Geographic Terms (with a Historic Commentary) by V. I. Dyakova, V. I. Khitrova

Suproun V. I., review of Historic Anthroponymy: Gomel and Surroundings by A. F. Rogalev


Publications Bibliography in the Problems of Onomastics (2004-2010)