2013 №1 (14)


Vasilyev V. L.
Hydronyms Ending in -zha (-жа) in the Russian North-West (Structure, Etymology, Microsystemic Ties, Linguo-Ethnic Attribution)

Kuzmin D. V.
Finnish Language Influence on Border Karelian Toponymy

Akhmetova M. V.
Precedent Proper Names in Informal Oikonymy

Surikova O. D.
Derivatives of Somatisms Prefixed with bez- (без-) in Russian and Ukrainian Anthroponymy

Baranova К. I.
On the Associative Potential of the Main Character’s Name in Tatyana Tolstaya’s Hunting the Wooly Mammoth


Кachalkova Yu. А.
Urbanonymic Space of Contemporary Ekaterinburg (Official Names)

Onomastics Abroad

Eichler E.
Slavic Onomastic Atlas (transl. by S. O. Goryaev, Yu. A. Kirillov)

Alpatov V. V.
Toponomastics in Great Britain (20th-21st Centuries): History and Main Directions of Research

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Vasilyevа N. V.
International Conference “Onomastic Research”

Hein К. А.
13th International Conference “The Onomastics of Volga Region”

Berezovich Е. L., Кuchko V. S. 
2nd International Conference “Ethnolinguistics. Onomastics. Etymology”

A review


Dmitriyevа Т. N.
Mansi Oronyms of the Urals: New Materials and New Approaches (Review of: Slinkina, T. D. Mansi Oronyms of the Urals)

Ruth M. E.
On the Way to Typological Onomastics (Review of: Sklyarenko, O., & Sklyarenko, O. Typological onomastics)


New dissertations

Mullonen I. I.
A New Research on Belozerye Hydronymy (Review of: Makarova, A. A. Russian Lake Names of Belozerye: Systemic and Functional Approach)

Agapkinа Т. А.
Russian Chrononyms in Linguistic Persperctive (Review of: Atroshenko, O. V. Russian Popular Chrononymy: Systemic, Functional and Lexicographic Aspects)