2021, Volume 18, Issue 3


Sobolev, A. I.
Improving Reliability of Onomastic Etymology (with Reference to the Southeastern Lake Onega Region)

Kabinina, N. V., Kornienko, E. D.
The Northern Russian Toponym Urdoma: Old and New Etymologies

Tóth, V.
Linguistic Prestige and Toponym Use at the Crossroads of Languages and Cultures

Napolskikh, V. V.
“My Arrow, Fly Up Double, Come Down Single”: To the Problem of Scandinavian–Alanic Parallels in the Mythological Onomasticon

Petrosyan, A. Ye.
Reflexes of a Hurrian Word in Armenian: A Theonym, a Dendronym, an Anthroponym

Dugarov, B. S.
Theophoric Names in the “Heavenly” Prologue of the Buryat Epic Cycle Geseriada

Nazarov, A. I.
Corpus of Surnames of the Ilek Cossacks (Based on the 18th–19th Centuries Census Material and Parish Registers)

Zubov, N. I.
On the Codicological Features of the Odessa Manuscript of the 16th–17th Centuries Slepchensky Commemoration Book

Preobrazhenskaya, A. A.
Avgust, Avgustin, Avgustaly: To the History of Russian Monastic Names Unmentioned in Menologies

Zhamsaranova, R. G.
Personal Names of the Bulteger Tungus Clan of the Urulgin Steppe Duma (Based on Early 19th Century Census Lists)

Kostylev, Yu. S.
Names of Crystal-Bearing Deposits of the Circumpolar and Southern Urals: A Comparative Study

Kryukova, I. V., Suprun, V. I.
Ways of Development of Slavic Onomastic Lexicography: An Analytical Overview


Matveyev, A. K.
The Main Objectives of Studying Ural Toponymy

Dmitrieva, T. N.
Selected Works on Ural Toponymy (1968–2021)

Ivanova, E. E.
On the 60th Anniversary of the Ural University Toponymic Expedition: A Return to the Urals

Academic curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Vlahova-Angelova, M., Petkova, G.
International Onomastic Conference “Anthroponyms and Anthroponymic Studies at the Beginning of the 21st Century”

In memoriam

Myznikov, S. A.
Alexey Alexeyevich Burykin (1954–2021)

Basangova, T. G.
A Bibliography of Works on Onomastics by A. A. Burykin