2009 №7


Vasilyev V. L.
Archaic Toponymy with Prefix po-/pa- in the North-West of Russia

Kabinina N. V.
Substrate Hydronymy of the Nemnyuga River Basin (Mezensky district of Arhangelsk Region)

Alpatov V. V.
Component ‘Use’ in the Church Field Names of Medieval England

Ivanova E. E.
On the Composition of a Route Toponymic Dictionary

Efimenko I. V.
Male Names of the Inhabitants of Chernigov and Novgorod in the 17th Century Manuscripts

Bardakova V. V.
“Speaking” Names in Literature for Children

Fomin A. A.
Is Literary Onomastics Always Identical with Poetic Onomastics?


Kolařik J.
Legend and Reality in the Names of the Villages around Lugačovice Health Resort

Shilov A. L.
Once Again about the Vyg River Name


Nazarov A. I.
Nominalia of the Popovtsy Old Believers on the Ural Kazak Army Territory

Onomatologists' Forum

Matveyev A. K.
Naming Urban Facilities in Contemporary Russia: Tendencies and Practices

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, congresses, symposia

6th Russian National Conference “Problems of General and Regional Onomastics” (F. Sh. Pashayeva, I. A. Nieflyasheva)

2nd Baikal International Onomastic Conference “Name. Society. Culture” (S. V. Shoybonova)

11th International Conference “Onomastics of Povolzhye” (R. V. Razumov)

A Review


Letova I. A., review of Antroponymy of Ancient Greek Language by V. A. Gorpinich

Plotnikov S. S., review of F. M. Dostoevsky’s Poetics of Name by S. A. Skuridina


New dissertations on onomastics

In Memoriam