2020, Volume 17, Issue 2


Kuzmin, D. V.
To the Reconstruction of the Ancient Karelian Anthroponymicon

Shishelov, N. S.
Teknonymy in the Anthroponymic System of Northern Athabaskans

Gusev, V. Yu.
Etymological Notes on the Ethnonymy of the Lower Yenisei

Vasilyev, V. L.
Novgorod Hydronymy Ending in -ka: Structure, Derivation, Chronology (Based on Water Body Names of the Msta River Basin)

Ivanova, E. E.
Names and Naming Patterns of the Gemstone Mines of the Urals

Berezovich, E. L., Demkina, I. T., Spiridonov, D. V.
The Name from the Wörter und Sachen Perspective: Mary’s Glass in the Russian and Western European Languages

Vertiienko, H. V.
Understanding the Names and Functions of Mythical Fishes in the Avesta

Shmeleva, T. V.
Names of Monasteries in the Novgorod Onomasticon

Razumov, R. V., Goryaev, S. O.
Manifestations of Regional Identity in Contemporary Russian Urbanonymy

Romanova, T. P.
Eventonym: A Specific Type of Advertising Proper Name

Kryukova, I. V.
Global Names in the Russian Language: The Development of Figurative Meanings

Issues in Applied Onomastics

Arutyunova, E. V., Beshenkova, E. V., Ivanova, O. E.
Uppercase and Lowercase Letters in Geographical and Administrative Territorial Names: Academic Rules of Russian Spelling

Dambuev, I. A.
Capital and Lowercase Letters in the Official Toponymy of Russia


Rozhkova, P. A., Ruth, M. E.
Commercial Ergonymy in Pre-Revolutionary and Present-Day Russia: A Shift of Patterns

Madiyeva, G. B., Aliakbarovа, А. T.
On Some Current Trends in Kazakh Anthroponymy (Based on Materials from Almaty)


Norman, B. Yu., Rajnochová, N.
Patronymic as a Symbol of Russian Culture

Academic Curriculum

Bugheșiu, A., Goryaev, S. O.
The 5th International Conference Name and Naming (ICONN 5)