2010 №1 (8)


Loma A.
Looking for the Land of the Budini. A Toponomastic Research in Ancient Scythia

Kuzmin D. V.
On the Problem of the Origin of Names Containing Formants -ngV/-н(ь)гV in Karelian Toponymy

Shilov A. L.
Ethnonyms and Non-Slavic Anthroponyms in the Birch Bark Manuscripts

Šipková M.
Anoikonymic Dictionary of Moravia and Silesia: Theoretical and Interpretative Aspects

Čižmárová L.
Methodological Principles of the Dictionary of Moravian and Silesian Anoikonyms (Minor Place-Names)

Atroshenko O. V.
On the Composition of a Dictionary of Russian National Chrononyms


Tsypanov E. A.
Dog Names in the Komi Language


Zelentsov L. S.
Settlement Names Recurrence and Geographic Factor

Onomatologists’ Forum

Matveyev A. K.
Subjective Factors and Pseudoscience in Toponymic Researches

Academic Curriculum

Conferences, Congresses, Symposia

Berezovich E. L.
International Conference “Ethnolinguistics. Onomastics. Etymology”

Afeltovicz B.
16th All-Polish Onomastic Conference “Proper Names and Society”

Makarova A. A.
4th Czech Onomastic Conference “Diversity and Specificity of Onomastics”

A Review


Mullonen I. I., review of The Dictionary of Non-Calendar Personal Names, Nicknames and Family Names in the 15-17th Centuries Russian North-West by I. A. Kyurshunova


Bibliography of A. L. Shilov’s Works

New books

From the History of Onomastics

Madieva G. B.
Onomastic Research in Kazakhstan

In Memory of a Scholar

Yuri A. Karpenko. Аd memoriam