2022, Volume 19, Issue 1


Pchelov, E. V.
The Name Alexander in the Anthroponymy of the Pre-Revolutionary Russian Nobility

Nazarov, A. D.
Naming and Identities of Germanic Immigrants in the Eastern Roman Empire (5th–6th Centuries)

García Alonso, J. L.
Towards a Language Map of Southern Hispania: Onomastic Arguments

Panyukov, A. V.
The Place Name Gördchoy (‘Red Mount’) in the Folklore Topography of the Vishera River Basin

Makarova, A. A.
Double Names in the Oikonymy of Belozerye: Evolution and Reconstruction Issues (Based on Lists of Settlements and Fieldwork Data)

Dambuev, I. A.
Numeral Adjectives in Russian Toponymy: Variation and Standardization

Pilipenko, G. P.
The Use of Toponyms in the Spontaneous Speech of Hungarians Living in Vojvodina and Prekmurje

Golomidova, M. V.
Urban Toponymy as a Means of Manifesting Regional Identity: The Case of Ufa City

Koshkarova, N. N., Sibirjakov, I. V., Solopova, O. A.
Cognitive and Discursive Peculiarities of the Place-Names Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk in the 19th Century British Media Discourse

Kunshchikova, M. O.
Proper Names as a Source of Wordplay in Classroom Bilingual Speech

Fedotova, K. S.
Variable Forms of Naming in Literary Texts of Nikolay Gumilyov: Poetical and Semantic Aspect


Reszegi, K.
A Cognitive Approach in Onomastics: Some Notes on Metaphorical Place-Names

Adilova, Zh. K., Seitova, Sh. B., Kassymova, A. A., Dolgusheva, T. V.
Russian Rural Place Names and Features of Their Derivational Structure (Based on the Toponymy of East Kazakhstan)

Book reviews

Loveday, L.
An Onomastic Banquet of Intercultural Relations. Review of the book: Felecan, O., & Bugheşiu, A. (Eds.). Names and Naming: Multicultural Aspects. Cham: Palgrave, 2021. xxx + 490 p.

In memoriam

Varnikova, E. N.
Alexandr Vasilyevich Kuznetsov (1962–2021)

Ruth, M. E.
A Bibliography of Main Works on Onomastics by A. V. Kuznetsov