2021, Volume 18, Issue 1


Agapkina, T. A., Berezovich, E. L., Surikova, O. D.
Names of Trees in East Slavic Charms

Belova, O. V., Yasinskaya, M. V.
Anthroponymy and Toponymy in Memorial Epigraphy of Podlasie

Bobunova, M. A., Khrolenko, A. T.
Proper Names in Oral Poetic Tradition in the Light of Folklore Lexicography

Vasilyev, V. L.
Etymological Notes about Balto-Slavic Hydronymy of the Historical Lands of Novgorod and Pskov (Vselug, Dolostso)

Breeze, A.
Welsh Chwant ‘Desire’ and Trisantona ‘River Trent’ in Tacitus

Tomasik, P., Goryaev, S. O.
Buildings’ Names in the Bulgarian City of Ruse

Akhmetova, M. V.
“A Town with Two Names”: A Historical Oikonym in Modern Context (The Case of the Town of Pokrovsk/Engels)

Morgunova, O. V.
Collective Work and Recreation in the Mirror of Russian Folk Chrononymy


Chen, L. N.
Cross-Linguistic Comparison of Screen Translations of Names in Hayao Miyazaki’s Animated Films

Krasheninnikova, Yu. A., Nizovtseva, S. G.
Toponymy of Russian Mining Settlements of the Komi Republic in the 21st Century Records


Ruth, M. E.
Some Considerations on Russian Patronymics

Amirov, V. M.
Functional Features of Onomastic Units in the Military Discourse of the Donbass Conflict

Book reviews

Hengst, K.
Proper Names as Evidence in the History of the Slavs in Eastern Germany. Review of the book: Wenzel W. Die slawische Besiedlung des Landes zwischen Elbe und Saale. Namenkundliche Studien / Hrsg. von A. Brendler & S. Brendler. Hamburg : Baar, 2019. 333 S.

Falileyev, A. I.
A Dictionary of Gaulish Nominal Stems. Review of the book: Delamarre X. Dictionnaire des thèmes nominaux du gaulois. I : Ab- / Iχs(o)-. Paris : Les Cent Chemins, 2019. 398 p.

Tsepkova, A. V.
Sacred and Profane in Onomastics. Review of the book: Onomastics between Sacred and Profane / ed. by O. Felecan. Wilmington, Del. : Vernon Press, 2019. 412 + xxvi p.

In memoriam

Lyubov Petrovna Mikhaylova (1939–2020)

A Bibliography of Works in Onomastics by L. P. Mikhaylova