2023, Volume 20, Issue 3


Napolskikh, V. V., Savelyev, A. V.
Mari, Merya, Muroma — History of the Ethnonyms and Reconstruction of the Substrate Toponymy Languages

Mullonen, I. I.
“Finnish”-Saami Flood in the Toponymy of Karelia and Russian North

Zakharova, E. V., Krivonozhenko, A. F.
Exploring the Etymological Sources of the Place Name Knyazhaya guba

Prósper, B. M.
The Use of San in the Lugano Alphabet. A Survey of Cisalpine Celtic Onomastics

Litvina, A. F., Uspenskij, F. B.
The Deposition of Czar Vasili Shuisky in the Light of New Data

Bentsianov, M. M.
Patronymic Names Ending in -vich as a Marker of Social Status in the Documents of the Russian State of the 14th–16th Centuries

Zapolskikh, E. V.
Variability of Perm Old Believers’ Name System in the Early 20th-Century Middle Prikamye

Kuchko, V. S.
Chrononyms and Some Features of the Calendar Cycle of Makarevsky District, Kostroma Region

Vepreva, I. T., Kharitonova, A. V.
Onomastic Space of Ekaterinburg: Level-Based Markers of Regional Identity

Issues in Applied Onomastics

Arutyunova, E. V.
On the Problem of Separate and Hyphenated Spelling of Russian Toponyms with Postpositive Adjective

Dambuev, I. A.
Unstressed a/o Vowels in Russian Toponyms: Sources of Variation


Rusinova, I. I., Chernykh, A. V.
Materials for a Dictionary of Collective Nicknames of the Perm Region Residents


Reza Gholi Famian, A.
“Physics with Chocolate Taste”: A Cognitive-Pragmatic Approach to the Titles of Iranian Educational Books


Spiridonov, D. V.
(Mis)Leading Approaches in Toponomastics. Review of the book: Perono Cacciafoco, F., & Cavallaro, F. (2023). Place Names. Approaches and Perspectives in Toponymy and Toponomastics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xxiii + 298 p.


Gennady Filippovich Kovalyov

In memoriam

Alois Ilyich Nazarov (1961–2023)

A Bibliography of Main Works on Onomastics by A. I. Nazarov