2020, Volume 17, Issue 3


Petrosyan, A. Ye.
King Artavasdes and the Anagram of his Name in the Ancient Armenian Epic

Alpatov, V. V.
Medieval English Nicknames and Surnames with Christian Associations

Repanšek, L.
Loucita: Etymological Notes on a Female Name from the Norico-Pannonian Onomastic Landscape

Kabinina, N. V.
To the Origins of Russian Surnames with the Stem Maur-

Bobrova, M. V., Rusinova, I. I.
Demononyms in Russian Mythological Texts of the Perm Region

Surikova, O. D.
The Variety of Proper Names in E. Barsov’s Lamentations of the Northern Land

Kyurshunova, I. A.
Karelian Written Documents as a Source for Studying Deanthroponymic Settlement Names

Coates, R.
The Island Name Krk, Croatia, in Its Mediterranean and European Context

Dzitstsoity, Yu. A.
To the Historical Geography of Ossetia: The Historical Region of Khokh

Kostylev, Yu. S.
Prerevolutionary Names of Mining Sites of the Beryozovsky Gold Deposit

Krivoshchapova, Ju. A.
Stone Names: A Linguocultural Symbol of the Urals

Golomidova, M. V.
Toponymic Image-Building for Urban Locations

Gałkowski, А.
Performative Interactions between Brand Names and their Slogans in Chrematonomastic and Communicative Perspective

Klimova, M. A.
Nicknames in Video Gaming: Functional Use and Variation


Khaziyeva, G. S.
The Hagionym Khyzir-Ilyas in the Local Traditions of Tatars

Academic Curriculum

Zakharova, E. V., Kuzmin, D. V., Mullonen, I. I.
Half a Century of Onomastic Research in Karelia

Conferences, congresses, symposia

Gantsovskaya, N. S., Neganova, G. D.
The 18th International Conference “Onomastics of the Volga Region”


Yusupova, A. Sh.
Firdaus Khisamitdinova

A Bibliography of Works on Onomastics by F. G. Khisamitdinova