2013 №1 (14)

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Kseniya I. Baranova
Ural Federal University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

On the Associative Potential of the Main Character’s Name in Tatyana Tolstaya’s Hunting the Wooly Mammoth

Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics), 2013, Issue 1 (14), pp 79–87 (in Russian)

Abstract: The article focuses on the poetonym Zoya (Зоя) in Tatyana Tolstaya’s short story Hunting the Wooly Mammoth. The author analyzes the associative connections of the name in question and its influence on the formation of the character’s image, and reveals the semantic potential of the name and its contribution to the conceptual content of the story.

Key words: Russian language, literary onomastics, proper name in literature, poetonym, poetics of proper name, phonosemantics, associative background of proper names


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