2011 №1 (10)

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Irina A. Shelkova
Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
Moscow, Russia

Character Nicknames in A. G. Alexin’s Works

Citation information: Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics). 2011, №1 (10). P. 85-97 (in Russian)

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the description and analysis of nicknames in narratives and stories by A.G. Alexin. By nicknames the author means not only the denominations of people but also of inanimate objects and groups of people. According to their usage properties, nicknames are divided into vocative (used as addresses), invocative (used only in talks about a third person) and mental (existing only in the nominator’s consciousness). Characterological nicknames prevail over other ones and reflect different properties and groups of properties of nominates; nicknames derived from first names, surnames as well as from first names, surnames and nicknames of the nominate’s relatives occupy a very modest place. Not only do nicknames disclose the properties of nominators and nominates, but also the author’s attitude to the characters. The article also considers phenomena similar to nicknames, i.e. the use of names disregarding etiquette, universal addresses and expressive denominations.

Key words: Russian literary onomastics, names in literature, nickname, proper name functions in the text


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