2019, Volume 16, Issue 2

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Tatyana A. Agapkina*
Elena L. Berezovich**
Olesya D. Surikova**

*Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia
**Ural Federal University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

2009 №7

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Elena E. Ivanova
Ural State University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

On the Composition of a Route Toponymic Dictionary

Citation information: Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics), 2009, Issue 7, pp. 28–35 (in Russian)

2015 №1 (18)

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Maya Vlahova-Angelova
Institute for the Bulgarian Language of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 №2 (17)

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Konstantin A. Gein
Ural Federal University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

On Some Problems of the Ideographic Description of Place Names

Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics), 2014, Issue 2 (17), pp. 68–77 (in Russian)