2018, Volume 15, Issue 2

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Ekaterina M. Bozhko
Alexander O. Illner
Larisa I. Korneeva

Ural Federal University
Ekaterinburg, Russia

A Compromise Approach to Rendering Urban Place Names: the Case of Ekaterinburg

Voprosy onomastiki, 2018, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp. 223–238 (in Russian)
DOI: 10.15826/vopr_onom.2018.15.2.023

Received 30 January 2018

Abstract: The paper describes different approaches to the rendering of urban place names, i.e. the names of different city facilities, and argues for the importance of accuracy in the case of Russian-into-English translation. With the balanced account of the two basic translation methods commonly applied to such vocabulary units — the one that makes use of calquing in accordance with the standards of the target language, and the other based exclusively on the use of transliteration for rendering both the statute and the main part of the toponymic unit — the authors develop and justify a compromise approach to rendering toponyms for the urban navigation system. This new one embraces a number of other translation techniques used alongside with transliteration / translation in rendering place names from Russian into English. In practice, this would provide for easier city navigation for non-native Russian speakers. A detailed description of the methodology of rendering the said units into English is exemplified by the names of different urban facilities of Ekaterinburg. The given methodology has been developed by a group of researchers, including the authors of the paper.

Keywords: translation onomatology, toponymic space, toponyms, proper names, translation, urban environment, urban navigation


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