2010 №2 (9)

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Vladislav V. Alpatov
Moscow City Teachers’ Training University
Moscow, Russia

English Metaphorical Place Names with Christian Associations

Citation information: Voprosy onomastiki (Problems of Onomastics). 2010. № 2 (9). P. 86–94 (in Russian)

Abstract: Figurative place names are particularly interesting to study, as they represent the effects of metaphoric thinking about the landscape and are probably more than other types of names revealing about human perception of space. This brief paper gives a glimpse of coarse-grained classification of such place names on the material of English toponyms with Christian associations. The associative block lies in the domain of secundum comparationis – the concepts with which the named objects are compared. The classification however is based on examination of tertium comparationis – the ground for comparison where we single out: 1) outer resemblance and 2) inner resemblance, likeness of function or assessment.

Key words: English onomastics, onomasiology, place name, nomination, metaphore, Christian vocabulary


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