Submission Procedure


For article submission, please use the form on the journal’s website (see For Authors). You may also submit your article by sending it to the journal's e-mail address (see Contact Information).

In case of multiple authors, the person indicated in the form is considered as the corresponding author responsible for communication with the editors.

The editors will contact the author to confirm that the article has been received. The editors will inform him or her about any technical changes needed for publication of the article as well as about the process of reviewing.

When the required number of reviews have been received, usually two, the Editor will consider the experts’ opinions and make an initial decision to accept, reject, or request a revision.

If the article is not accepted for publication, the editors generally explain the reasons for that. However, the full texts of reviews the editors receive from reviewers are not disclosed to authors.

If the article is accepted for publication, as soon as the technical editing of the paper is completed, the author receives a copy of their edited manuscript for authorization. The author should confirm by e-mail that they agree that the article will be published in that edited form. In case of multiple authors, the consent is given by the corresponding author. 

At the final stage of the production process the managing editor send to the authors the proofs of their articles. The proofs are in the form of a PDF file, readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to review the proofs and to mark all necessary corrections. Except under special circumstances, no further changes may be made once the marked proofs have been returned to the journal for processing.

Once all corrections have been communicated to the production editor, the production editor arranges to have the article corrected and subsequently posted on the journal's website. 

The authors receive a pdf copy of the issue.