Prof. Olga Molchanova

Current position:
Professor, Department of English Philology, University of Szczecin, Poland
Contact information:
Katedra Filologii Angielskiej
Al. Piastow 40B
71-065 Szczecin
Gidronimy i oronimy Gorno-Altaiskoi A.O. (lingvisticheskii analiz) [Hydronyms and Oronyms of the Altai Republic (A Linguistic Analysis)] (1969, PhD)
Sopostavitel'nyi analiz toponimicheskikh sistem v iazykakh raznykh semei [A Comparative Analysis of Toponymic Systems in Languages of Different Families] (1984, DrHab)
Membership in editorial boards of journals:
Filologiia i chelovek (Russia)
Research areas: onomastics, Turkic and general linguistics
Main publications:
Toponimicheskii slovar' Gornogo Altaia [A Toponymic Dictionary of the Altai Mountains]. Gorno-Altaysk, 1979.
Strukturnye tipy tiurkskikh toponimov Gopnogo Altaia [Structural types of Turkic Place Names of the Altai Mountains]. Saratov, 1982.
Оn the Methodological Principles of Reconstruction with Special Reference to Plасе-Names of South Siberia. Rocznik orientalistyczny. 1995. Т. L. Z. 2. S. 89-111.
А Grammar of Turkic Рlасе-Names in the Mountain Altai. Szczecin, 1998. 
General Remarks on Phonotactics of Place-names. In: PASE Papers in Language Studies: Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of English. Gdańsk, 26-28 April 2000. Gdańsk, 2002. P. 201-210.
From Words to Altai Place-Names (Topography Cognition and Semantics). Szczecin, 2007.
Topography Cognition and Place-Names (With Reference to Attention Distribution, Object Location, and Shape Category). In: Gorizonty sovremennoi lingvistiki. Traditsii i novatorstvo. Sbornik v chest' E. S. Kubriakovoi. Moscow, 2009.
Toponimicheskie izoglossy i printsipy rekonstruktsii drevnikh substratov [Toponymic Isoglossae and Principles of Reconstruction of Ancient Substrates]. In: Onomastika Povolzh'ia. Materialy XIII mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii. Iaroslavl' 13-14 sentiabria 2012 g. Yaroslavl, 2012. S. 15-20.
Comparative Characteristics of the Corpora of Altai, Mongol and Azeri Place-Names. Linguistics Across Culture. 2014, 3. Р. 137-156.