Prof. Maria Ruth

Current position:
Chair of the Department of Russian Language, General Linguistics and Speech Communication, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Contact information:
Ural Federal University
Faculty of Philology, office 306
51, Lenin av., Ekaterinburg, 620083, Russia
Russkaia narodnaia astronimiia i ee sviazi s astronimiei drugikh narodov SSSR [Russian Popular Astronymy and Its Relations to the Astronymy of Other Peoples of the USSR] (1975, PhD)
Obraznaia onomastika v russkom iazyke: onomasiologicheskii aspekt [Imaginative Naming in Russian Onomastics: An Onomasiological Aspect] (1994, DrHab)
Research areas: onomastics, Russian dialect lexicology and lexicography, history of the Russian language, onomasiology, theory of metaphor

Main publications:
Russkaia narodnaia astronimiia [Russian Popular Astronymy]. Sverdlovsk, 1987.
Zvezdy rasskazyvaiut o Zemle [Stars Narrating the Earth's Story]. Sverdlovsk, 1990.
Obraznaia nominatsiia v russkom iazyke [Imaginative Naming in the Russian Language]. Ekaterinburg, 1992.
Obraznaia nominatsiia v russkoi onomastike [Imaginative Naming in Russian Onomastics]. Мoscow, 2008.
Slovar' astronimov. Zvezdnoe nebo po-russki [A Dictionary of Astronyms. The Stellar Sky in Russian]. Мoscow, 2010.
Slovar' govorov Russkogo Severa [A Dictionnary of Dialects of Northern Russia]. Vols. 1-6. Ekaterinburg, 2001-2014 (in co-authorship, ed. by A. K. Matveyev).

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