Prof. Janne Saarikivi

Current position:
Professor at the Deptartment of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
Contact information:
University of Helsinki
PL 4 (Fabianinkatu 24), Huone 333
Helsinki, Finland
Substrata Uralica. Studies on Finno-Ugrian substrate in northern Russian dialects (2006, PhD)
Membership in editorial boards of journals:
Onomastica Uralica (Hungary, Finland)
Uralica Helsingiensia (Finland)
Võru instituudi toimetised (Estonia)
Research areas: comparative linguistics, historical lexicography, toponymy, prehistory of Northern Europe, sociolinguistics and revitalization studies
Main publications:
Substrata Uralica: Studies on Finno-Ugrian Substrate in Northern Russian Dialects. Tartu, 2006.
Kak i zachem sokhranyat' yazyki narodov Rossii? [How and Why to Preserve the Languages of the Peoples of Russia?]. Helsinki, 2012 (co-authored with A. Pasanen, K. Zamyatin)
Per Urales ad Orientem: Iter Polyphonicum Multilingue. Helsinki, 2012 (editor, with L. Jalava, E. Sandman, T. Hyytiäinen).
Särmä - Lukion äidinkieli. Sähköinen oppikirja. Helsinki, 2013 (co-authored with J. Kantola, V. Haapala, R. Korhonen, H. Puolitaival, H. Mustonen, J. Torkki, H. Inkeri).
Reconstruction of culture and ethnicity: Remarks on the methodology of the historical-comparative linguistics (on the basis of Western Uralic languages). In: New Focus on Retrospective Methods: Resuming methodological discussion. Case studis from Northern Europe (pp. 186-216). Helsinki, 2014.
Cultural and linguistic minorities in the Russian Federation and the European Union: Comparative Studies on Equality and Diversity. Cham, 2015 (editor, with H. F. Marten, M. Riessler, R. Toivanen).