Dr. Alexander Falileyev

Current position:
Leading Research Fellow, Department of Comparative Indo-European Linguistics and Areal Studies, Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Contact information:
9, Tuchkov Ln., 199053, St Petersburg, Russia
Institute for Linguistic Studies of the RAS
Sintaksicheskie funktsii glagol'nogo imeni v srednevalliiskom iazyke [Syntatic Functions of Deverbal Nouns in the Middle Welsh Language] (1990, PhD)
Drevnevalliiskii iazyk v sinkhronii i diakhronii: opyt opisaniia [A Synchronic and Diachronic Description of Old Welsh] (2003, DrHab)
Membership in editorial boards of journals:
Studia Antiqua et Archaeologica (Romania)
Tyragetia (Moldova)
Journal of Celtic Linguistics (UK)
Lublin Studies in Celtic Languages (Poland)
Pontica et Mediterranea (Romania)
Research areas: Celtic and Indo-European linguistics, Old Welsh language and literature, Celtic onomastics, Paleo-Balkan studies
Main publications:
Etymological Glossary of Old Welsh. Tübingen, 2000.
Drevnevalliiskii iazyk [The Old Welsh Language]. St Petersburg, 2002.
Vostochnye Balkany na karte Ptolemeia. Kritiko-bibliograficheskie izyskaniia [The Eastern Balkans on Ptolemy's Map. Critical Bibliographic Essay]. Münich, 2005.
The Leyden Leechbook. A study of the Earliest Neo-Brittonic Medical Compilation. Innsbruck, 2005 (in co-authorship with M. Owen).
Welsh Walter of Henley. Dublin, 2006.
Le Vieux-Gallois. Potsdam, 2008.
The Celtic Balkans. Aberystwyth, 2013.
In search of the Eastern Celts. Studies in geographical names, their distribution and morphology. Budapest 2014.
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